Corporate Account

Thank you for your interest in opening a corporate account at Pumpernickel Bagel. Our Catering service is on time and perfect to your needs every time.

When you have completed all of the information, please fax the completed form to Eric or Anna at 718. 361. 9423. Please allow us 48 hours minimum to process. If you have any questions, please call us at (718) 361–9422.


  • Corporate accounts are for uses by authorized persons only, please attach a list of people authorized to use this account.
  • Applicant is responsible for informing Pumpernickel Bagel of any individual identified as an authorized account user ceases to have such authority.
  • A signature for receipt of order is required at time of delivery.
  • A deposit is not necessary on standard catering orders. Special event orders must be secured with a valid credit card and must be paid in full the day of the event. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex and payment via corporate checks.
  • All checks made payable to: Tower Bagel Inc. 44th Drive, LIC NY 11101
  • Applicants authorize Pumpernickel Bagel to charge the credit card entered below for all documented balances not paid in full within 60 days of invoice.
  • A 24 hour notice is required for cancelation or change of an order. Pumpernickel Bagel will try in every way possible to cooperate with any changes and cancelations; however, because our products are perishable, cancelations within 24 hours of delivery may incur a full charge. All cancelation fees are subject to manager’s approval.
  • Certain charges are applicable if delivered outside of our immediate areas.
  • Pumpernickel Bagel will schedule a time for our delivery team to retrieve our equipment same day. Your account or card may be charged for any items that are lost or stolen or damaged.

Thank you in advance and we appreciate your cooperation.






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